School Photos
  • Date
  • April 29,2019

  • Time
  • 08:45:am - 12:30:am

  • Location
  • California Gully Primary School

School photos will be taken at school on Monday April 29th.  Individual order forms (with students names printed on them) will be sent home closer to the date.  Family envelopes will be  available from the school office if you would like a photo taken of all your children who attend California Gully Primary School.

On Photo Day, please send your child to school with:

  1. A completed envelope (even if not placing an order or ordering online)
  2. Best school clothes (clean is always best!)
  3. Their best smile!

Please ensure your child is at school on time.  If your child has misplaced their envelope please obtain a spare envelope from the school office.