Well Being

Welcome to all existing and new parents to California Gully Primary School.  My name is Kerryn Phillips I am the Primary Well Being officer.  I am at school all day on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.   I move around the school in the first couple of weeks each year getting to know the students.

If you require assistance with school uniform requirements please contact me on the days I am here or leave a message at the school office and Nicole will pass the message on.

My overall role is to support students, families and the teachers within the school environment and the community.  I hope to use my experience and knowledge to help make the school an even happier and safer place to be.

I also help out with the lunch time program from 1.40 p.m. to 2.00 p.m. on the days I am at school.

I am available to catch up with students, parents and families on a broad range of matters including friendships, separation , grief and loss.  I can be contacted on the school number, 5446 8393.  If I am not available leave a message, I’ll get back to you.

Kerryn Phillips



Kerryn Phillips our Well Being Officer



Well Being


Building on good quality relationships with family and friends


Feeling connected to your local neighborhood and community


Security of housing and good nutritious food to fuel growing bodies and


A good sense of self / self-confidence and happiness.



Tips for Parents on Well Being


Parents can assist their children with well being by building on their child’s self -esteem through encouragement, focus on our child’s effort and make comments like” it’s great to see you trying” or show appreciation by thanking your child for helping.


Promoting a generous spirit by encouraging your child to share their space, toy or time with other children or siblings.


Building resilience in your child by maintaining a close, loving relationship and by creating a space and environment for your child, so they are able to solve their own problems and difficulties.


Friendship is important for a child’s happiness and wellbeing. Promoting and developing friendships by assisting your child to invite children to play at they’re home for the afternoon.


Help your child talk about their feelings rather than bottling them up, this can be done by conversations, drawings or writing it down on paper.


Helping your child to be optimistic. Be aware of negative self-talk in yourself and your children stop any negative self talk and replace it with a positive more realistic message.


Talking so kids can listen, effective communication is the essential building blocks for strong families.  Have a regular mealtime, which will give the family the opportunity to talk about the day over dinner.  Talk in the car on the way somewhere, especially useful for children who shy away from looking at the person talking.


Brain food, remember growing bodies need healthy fuel, breakfast, lunch and tea containing dairy, grains, fruit and protein will assist your child to get through a busy day.


Information provided by  “Positive Parenting” by Michael Grose.