Healthy Eating

Food, Glorious Food

The following recommendations are part of our - Kids ‘Go for your life’ program at school: -

  • Children are encouraged to drink water only at school.

  • Children should bring drink bottles filled with water only into class.

  • Fruit and vegetables should be included in lunch boxes everyday.

  • Chips, twisties, noodles (including two-minute noodles), biscuits and high sugar drinks are considered to be occasional food and should not be in lunch boxes.

Please note that during the break at 11.00 a.m. the children are only permitted to eat nutritious food such as sandwiches, wraps, dairy foods, fruit and vegetables. Any occasional food that they bring can be eaten at the 1.30 p.m. break.


In the past some children have informed us that they are responsible for packing their own lunches and this may explain why we sometimes see lunch boxes with too much occasional food (chips and twisties mainly), and not enough healthy food in them.


The children have been informed that these occasional foods are not suitable as they:

  • are very low in nutritional value

  • are high in saturated fat and/or sugar and/or added salt.

  • provide excess kilojoules

After revising the Healthy Food Pyramid and discussing the school’s policy on healthy eating with the children, we are now also asking for your support. We need to ensure that the children are ready and able to learn each day by them having the necessary fuel (provided by healthy food) to keep them alert and receptive to learning.


For more information on the Kids 'Go For Your Life' program and more tips please follow this link to visit the website.