Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden

In 2014 California Gully Primary School began the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program. Since then our garden has flourished with many children across the school planting seeds and fruit trees in our very own orchard!

Each week students in Grade Three/Four learn essential life skills in both the garden and kitchen. This includes planting seeds and learning how to care for plants, harvesting fresh produce they have grown themselves and understanding the importance of sustainable living. In the kitchen they learn knife handling skills, hygiene practises and basic cooking skills. This includes the importance of preparing, cooking and eating fresh food culminating in a shared meal together.

The program is a huge success, largely due to the parent volunteers who assist each week and the dedication of the teacher in charge, Miss Wendy Ennor.  We are excited to see this program grow in the future!

Our Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden co-ordinator is Wendy Ennor. Along with her class (Grade Three/Four) Wendy has been preparing the garden area and dining room for the children in every class to be able to participate.


Miss Wendy Ennor

Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Co-Ordinator