School Uniform

The School Council has adopted a compulsory school uniform for shirts/t-shirts, pants/skirts and school dresses.  The policy is as follows:
1. Compulsory school uniform for shirts/t-shirts and tops and school dresses.
2. The colours being jade or navy for t-shirts, navy for windcheaters and blue and white checks for the dresses.
3. That these “tops” be plain except for the school emblem.
4.  Navy is the colour for the bottom half of the uniform, including shorts, long pants, tracksuit pants, skirts, skorts and ¾ pants these are to be plain only with no motifs or patterns.
T-shirts, hats, bomber jackets and rugby tops are available through Bendigo Uniforms Plus in Lyttleton Terrace, Bendigo.  The Parents’ and Friends of California Gully Primary School Club can supply second-hand uniforms for a gold coin donation. 
No jewellery is permitted to be worn to school.  If students have pierced ears they may only wear studs (e.g. piercing studs) or sleepers. 


Please label clearly and permanently all items of clothing a personal property brought to school.
All named property will be returned to respective students.
A lost property basket is maintained in the school office.  If your child has misplaced anything, please check the basket.  We regularly display lost property at assemblies and it helps greatly when articles are named. 
At the end of each term all unclaimed articles are donated to The Salvation Army.

School Hoodies can now be
ordered at
Bendigo Uniforms Plus,
cost is $35.00.